Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is perhaps one of the oldest branches of engineering and primarily deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Advances in this area have brought many specializations like Structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Water Resources & Hydraulics engineering, Transportation engineering, Urban engineering, Materials engineering. The students normally have a conceptual understanding of space and its utilization. The focus of the program is in developing fluency in mathematics, physics, instrumentation, computers, management and economics. Civil engineers focus on design, construction and maintenance of structures.

Educational objective of the department

The aim of the course is to mould Civil Engineers with excellent knowledge, ability to appropriate technology, innovative ideas and leadership qualities, who can immensely contribute to industry and research for nation building.


Technical Staff


Labs with modern machineries make this course useful for students in becoming good civil engineers.

Environmental Lab

The lab is equipped with various facilities which determine the quality tests for water samples. Mainly DO, BOD, PH tests are carried out.

Transportation Engineering Lab

Design of Highway systems, Railway systems, Airport runways etc needs the properties of materials such as bitumen, aggregate, etc used for construction. In this lab the various tests like impact test, aggregate crushing value test, abrasion test etc are carried out.

Strength of Material Lab

Strength of materials is one of the important subjects in Civil engineering. In this lab, students will get the opportunity to apply load to various materials under different equilibrium conditions.

Surveying Lab

The lab is equipped with various instruments and tools with which we can analyze the topography of an area. Theodolite, plane table, dumpy level, total station etc are the common instruments that we use in this lab.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

In geotechnical engineering lab, we learn to be nearer to nature. Here various tests are conducted to identify the soil and its various properties.

Computer Aided Design & Drafting Lab

Computer softwares are used in all disciplines for various applications. Likewise, in Civil engg. field, Auto CAD can be used for many applications like surveying, analysis, design, quantity calculations and costing.