Since its founding, Mace has fostered a problem solving approach that encourages leading institutions to work together across departments, fields and organizational boundaries. The resulting collaborations have included many fruitful partnerships. To corroborate this, we have two leading industries functioning exclusively from the MACE campus namely SMEClabs and Grey Technolab (India) Pvt.Ltd.

The objective of IEDC of MACE is to provide a platform to assist and enable young entrepreneurs to initiate technology startup companies. The Innovation Entrepreneurship development centres are small incubators which promotes Innovation and entrepreneurship from the college level. It is supported by the  Kerala Startup Mission which helps the students to come up with innovative ideas and work within the IEDC and start their entrepreneurial journey. IEDC enables the budding entrepreneurs to showcase and test their abilities in running a startup business. The cell provides a range of resources that enables it to empower students, faculty, and staff to pursue entrepreneurial achievements that leads to an improvement in the standard of living, drives the economy and also helps incubators to bridge the gap between inventor and venture capitalist. Current students are allied with alumni, who work in the start-up community to further their cause. The cell provides grants for students to pursue their ideas. It also support, simplifies and clarifies student intellectual property transfer processes for students and the broader community and to develop and maintain an entrepreneurship certificate program so that students can take courses in innovation and business from experts in entrepreneurial community.

The cell facilitates the following events for the young first generation entrepreneurs:

  • Arranges series of Entrepreneurial Programs and Interactive Sessions in order to promote entrepreneurship in the institute.
  • Organization of Skill Development Sessions in entrepreneurship for the budding entrepreneurs to increase their confidence levels.
  • Arrangement of Webinars and Online Training Sessions for students to get used to the technicalities of entrepreneurship.
  • Platform for student teams to showcase their business ideas to funding agencies.
  • Facilitates seed funding for young entrepreneurs to test their business ideas with minimal risks.
  • Support to initiate start-ups within the campus.
  • Assistance in the registration process of the firm, its marketing, accounting and taxation processes.
  • Aids in scaling up of business.

AICTE Start-up Mission

The IEDC works in association with the AICTE Start-up Policy whose objective is to unleash full Startup potential of the technical education system in India and create world class startups like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google, which were all campus startups by students and also allow for integration between Govt. of India’s Startup Policy and AICTE Student Startup Policy. The policy emphasizes that students can now start companies even while studying across campus to become job creators. The policy also believes that early exposure to entrepreneurship will introduce many skills to young students that are not generally delivered during normal classroom teaching. AICTE Start-up Policy will also add on to the efforts by various State Governments towards supporting student start-ups across universities.

Research Development Cell

The college has an R D Cell aimed to promote and encourage the Research and Development activities of staff and students. The R D cell consists of committee members which includes the Principal, Vice-Principal, Heads of every Department and appointed faculty members. The aim is to provide skill development, employment oriented and placement linked training in vocational skills to students and faculty and even at a great pace thereafter, by partnering with government and private training providers, while ensuring equitable access to all and strive for maximum placement.

Activities of the cell includes:

  • Providing superior research experience for students during their time of study at MACE.
  • Providing consultancy services in emerging research areas to industries.
  • Executing several research projects with the support of various funding agencies.
  • Conducting various FDPs, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars in association with different agenccccies like CSIR, ISTE, Anna University, AICTE etc.
  • Undertaking of sponsored projects by industries as undergraduate projects.
  • Organization of refresher courses and lectures by experts from the industry.
  • Assistance for project proposal submission by faculty to funding agencies.
  • Grant funding for registering for participation in International/National Engineering Conferences/Workshops.

Entrepreneurship Staff

Mr. Shameer K Mohammed

IEDC Nodal Officer

Mr. Ajith S. S

Staff Co-ordinator

Mr. Anandu Ajith

Student Co-ordinator