Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department was established in the year 2005. The school of Mechanical Engineering offers both a broad mechanical engineering degree that has emphasis on fluid mechanics, mechatronics, hydraulics, automotive engineering and medical engineering. Engineers qualified in all these areas play a key role in the design and manufacture of items that impact on modern living and our everyday lives, whether it comprises of household goods, healthcare products, sports equipment, reliable cars, aircraft or other transport system. The department has a very efficient advisory system which always keeps very close teacher-student relationship. The faculty of the department is well qualified and dedicated to the improvement of academic standards and is keen on the overall development of the students. The faculty has been trained in various National and International workshops, seminars and training programs to cope with rapidly changing teaching methodologies and to impart efficient knowledge to the students. The laboratories and the workshop in the department and the supporting departments give ample opportunities to the students of Mechanical Engineering for gaining practical knowledge and hands on experience. Industrial visits and Educational tours are made an integral part of the curriculum to familiarize the student with the industrial environments and working conditions.

Educational objective of the department

To produce graduates who can be employed as practicing engineers in fields such as, design, research development, testing and manufacturing.


M.Tech in Industrial Engineering was started in the Academic Year 2014 and is going on in full swing. Students after post graduation get a thorough knowledge on industries, industrial relations.The program aims to provide an education that is directly applicable to a career in industry and is suitable for churning out experienced professionals .The program is designed to educate a new type of engineering workforce which is currently in high demand.


Technical Staff


Labs with modern machineries make this course useful for students in becoming good civil engineers.

Environmental Lab

The lab is equipped with various facilities which determine the quality tests for water samples. Mainly DO, BOD, PH tests are carried out.

Transportation Engineering Lab

Design of Highway systems, Railway systems, Airport runways etc needs the properties of materials such as bitumen, aggregate, etc used for construction. In this lab the various tests like impact test, aggregate crushing value test, abrasion test etc are carried out.

Strength of Material Lab

Strength of materials is one of the important subjects in Civil engineering. In this lab, students will get the opportunity to apply load to various materials under different equilibrium conditions.

Surveying Lab

The lab is equipped with various instruments and tools with which we can analyze the topography of an area. Theodolite, plane table, dumpy level, total station etc are the common instruments that we use in this lab.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

In geotechnical engineering lab, we learn to be nearer to nature. Here various tests are conducted to identify the soil and its various properties.

Computer Aided Design & Drafting Lab

Computer softwares are used in all disciplines for various applications. Likewise, in Civil engg. field, Auto CAD can be used for many applications like surveying, analysis, design, quantity calculations and costing.