Our department emerges as a center of excellence in Civil Engineering education. The mission of the department is to develop Civil Engineers with commendable knowledge, innovative ideas and leadership qualities, who can utilize technology and contribute efficiently to industrial and research areas.

The students acquire high quality technical experience with a sound knowledge in basic Engineering principles and innovative research capabilities. In addition to this they are also provided with opportunities to earn valuable field experience through value added courses, site visits and hands-on trainings. Civil Engineering department is led by a group of highly experienced, competent, dedicated and well qualified teaching faculties. Full-fledged labs supplemented with modern machines make this course useful for aspiring students to excel in Civil Engineering.The Department is a vibrant place for learning, where the students pursue their educational interest in order to lead the next generation to better prospects.

Educational Objective of Department

The objective of our department is to educate new generations of civil engineers to meet the challenges, demands and expectations of the global society and to cultivate, enrich and promote scholarship, responsibility and service among our graduates.

No:of Students intake : 60

No: of NRI seats : 9






Ms. Raji S L  HOD M.E (Construction Engg & Management)
Ms. Al Arafa S Assistant Professor M.E (Construction Engg & Management)
Mr. Imran H. Assistant Professor M.Tech (Structural Engineering)
Ms. Shelji Shihab Assistant Professor M.Tech (Geotechnical Engineering)
Ms. Geena G.S. Assistant Professor M.E (Construction Engg & Management)
Ms. Akhila K.H. Assistant Professor M.Tech (Geotechnical Engineering)
Ms. Mubeera K.P. Assistant Professor M.Tech (Geotechnical Engineering)
Ms. Lekshmi P Nair Assistant Professor M.Tech (Geotechnical Engineering)
Ms. Anciya Fazal R Assistant Professor M.Tech (Geotechnical Engineering)
Mr.Muhammed Rashid A T Assistant Professor M.Tech (Structural Engineering)
Ms. Devika S Assistant Professor (Transportation Engineering)
Ms. Nimmi Benjamin Assistant Professor (Structural Engineering and Construction Management)
Ms. Fathima Fasil Assistant Professor (Geotechnical Engineering)
Ms.  Somiya S P Assistant Professor (Hydraulics Engineering)
Mr. Syam Mohan M Assistant Professor Aided Structural Engineering) 
Ms. Dhanya M S Assistant Professor M Tech (Structural Engineering)
Technical Staff



Ms. Rija Beegum ITI Survey
Mr. Sukumaran Nair Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Divakaran Nair ITI Sheet Metal
Mr. Arun S ITI Draughts man Civil
Ms. Sandhya C Nair BE Civil Engineering


Well equiped and updated laboratories and department library well furnished with latest collection of books covering each specialisations of the trade is an added asset to our department

Environmental Lab

The Environmental Engineering laboratory practical classes provide good insights into different experimental methods relevant to Environmental Engineering.  In this lab we perform various tests on drinking water and sewage samples to check pH value, total dissolved solids, BOD and COD, total suspended particles etc. as per BIS standard. They help in assessing the water quality standard of the region, pollution load in sewage and working efficiency of sewage and other water treatment units. Experiments on ambient air pollution parameters such as SOx, NOx and SPM, and noise pollution measurement are also performed in this lab.

Concrete Technology Lab

The concrete technology lab is established to train students to carry out tests on common construction materials such as concrete, cement, tiles etc. The tests are conducted to determine the engineering properties in terms of strength, strain, fatigue, creep, elasticity, stiffness durability, and workability. Major equipments include digital compression testing machine (2000Ton) with flextural strength calculation attachment, standard test sieves (coarse and fine sets) with sieve shaking machine, (slump test, compaction factor and Vee-Bee time apparatus), Vicat and Le chatlier apparatus.

Transportation Engineering Lab

The Transportation Engineering lab includes the equipments required to conduct all standardized tests to assess quality of highway materials, pavement evaluation and traffic engineering studies. Experiments are conducted in pre-, during- and post-construction phases of highways. The Transportation Engineering lab does quality assurance and quality control tests for the Roads. Traffic engineering surveys are also conducted and students learn to conduct spot speed studies, volume counts, and conflict studies for preparing road improvement plans to enhance road safety

Strength of Material Lab

The objective of the strength of materials lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments.  In this lab the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as impact strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, ductility etc.

Surveying Lab

Surveying Laboratory was established to allow students use of state-of-the-art surveying and plotting equipments. The functionality of the laboratory lies outside, where students are expected to actively survey and plot complicated sets of data points, automatically entering the information into CAD type systems for further dissemination.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab

The Geotechnical Laboratory is well equipped with testing equipments for evaluating all engineering properties of soils and rocks, including index properties, compaction characteristics of soils, hydraulic characteristics, compressibility, rate of consolidation and sheer strength. The equipmenst range from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated and are used in both undergraduate and graduate teaching and research. The laboratory is also equipped with all the facilities required for assessing the effects of earthquake shaking on soils and rocks and foundation performance. The laboratory has the most extensive in-house collection of cyclic triaxial test data on liquefaction of soils.

Computer Aided Design & Drafting Lab

A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the civil engineering students. High end terminals supported by latest  hardware and software, latest visual aids, plotting devices, etc. are among them. Advanced civil engineering softwares are procured for making the students globally competitive and industry ready. At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of civil engineering drawings using the latest version of Autocad software. Student will learn computer aided design layout and 3D solid modelling definition. Students    will also gain the knowledge of design and drafting needed for civil engineering discipline

Department Library

In addition to the Central Library departments have their own libraries. This contains important titles and Journals in the respective branches of study. Students and staff members are advised to fully utilize these books and Journals for further enhancement of their subject knowledge. The books and Journals will not be issued any one, but are available only for reference.The head of the department and the faculty-in-charge controls the functionality of the Department library.