The college has an efficient staff advisory system. Each batch of students of a particular year has at least two staff advisors for their guidance and overall support. A separate Senior Staff Coordinator is assigned for each year of students for their overall supervision. A staff advisor, assigned by the concerned department, will be in charge of the first year students. One staff member is assigned for a group of 20 students. The student records along with their academic progress, all extra-curricular activities and daily attendance are managed by the advisors who inform the parents/guardians in case of setback in any area. All matters, academic and otherwise, pertaining to the students are timely routed through the staff advisor for the attention of the authorities. Applications for leave, scholarships, certificates etc. are to be forwarded through the advisor. Parents can get details about their children from the staff advisors and are advised to contact the advisor for any purpose relating to their wards.

The list of Staff Advisors along with the respective Senior Staff Coordinator is as detailed:



Staff Advisors

Senior Staff Co-ordinator


Electronics & Communication Engineering Ms. Shefin,Asst Prof(9497270887)

Mr.Rahul N,Asst Professor

Civil Engineering Mr.Imran ,Asst Prof(7907058386)
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ms.Shahana Hassan 
Mechanical Engineering

 Mr.  Rahul N,Asst.Prof

Computer Science & Engineering

Mr. Anju Vincent, Asst Prof(9495421490))

Mr.Anoop S,Asst.Prof(9847656715)

S4 Electronics & Communication Engineering Ms. Donia,Asst Prof (9656721898)) Ms. Jismi K (9497270887)
Civil Engineering

 Ms.Lekshmi,Asst Prof (9526644897)

Ms.Geena,Asst Prof(9496306550)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering  Ms.Sheffna M
Mechanical Engineering
Mr.Mohammed Ziad,Asst Prof(9447329641)
Computer Science & Engineering Mr. George Thomas ,Asst Prof(8547743680)

S6 Electronics & Communication Engineering Ms. Jismi K (9496332977)  
Civil Engineering

 Ms.Akhila.Asst Prof( 8547932320)

Ms.Dhanya Murali,Asst Prof(9562084742)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ms.Reshna A Rahim
Mechanical Engineering Mr. Sreejith S,Asst Prof (9447714894)
Computer Science & Engineering

Ms. Remya R S,Asst Prof (9400825755)

Ms. Roshna B,Asst Prof (995433320)


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Ms. Sareena R (9446210366)

Ms. Shamna B (9895417462)
Civil Engineering Ms.Gayatri.Asst Prof( 9447742851)
Electrical & Electronics Engineering  Ms. Jasna,Asst Prof  (9567500830)
Mechanical Engineering


Mr. Ramesh M. S.Asst Prof (9633450981)

Computer Science & Engineering

Ms. Liya Ashraf,Asst Prof

Ms.Shamna.B,Asst Prof(9895427462)